IoT - BB 24 - 26 of November 2017

hosted by WiSeInno

IoT - BB

Friday 24 of November 2017
Sunday 26 of November 2017

IoT Building Blocks Seasonal School

Brief Schedule
Day 1 Smart Sensors and Interfacing Circuits
Day 2 Communication protocols and Security issues of IoT & Applications of IoT system
Day 3 Introduction on LabView


The tendency towards the Internet of Things is to network many embedded devices and sensors to realize smart homes, smart water networks, intelligent transportation, food safety applications and so on. It is anticipated that 500 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2030. Each device includes sensors that collect data, interact with the environment, and communicate over a network. The IoT is the network of these connected devices. These smart, connected devices generate data that IoT applications use to aggregate, analyze, and deliver insight, which helps drive more informed decisions and actions.

Core components of such interconnecting systems are the sensors and their interfaces in conjunction with the wireless communication units and energy harvesting architectures as to provide energy autonomy. In such sophisticated dynamic systems, devices are interconnected to transmit essential and required measurement information and control instructions via intelligent distributed sensor networks.

In the framework of the CAS Seasonal School call, a 3-day school on “Building blocks for the Internet of Things”, named “IoT-BB School”, is organized. In this educational event, basic and advanced issues on the design of the physical objects which will be exploited to build the IoT and which contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment will be presented. Measurement automation software usage (using LabVIEW System Design Software - National Instruments) will be also covered.

Organising Committee

School Chair

School Chair

General Info

Stylianos Siskos
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998056
Hatzopoulos Alkiviadis
School of ECE AUTH
2310 996305
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998214


Cas IEEE CAS Society
Greekbr IEEE CASS & SSCS Greek Branch
Physics School of Physics
Rcauth Research Comittee AUTH
Ess European Sensor Systems
Agile Agile Agriculture Technologies
Metrisys Metrisys

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Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center

Aristotle University Campus
3is Septemvriou
Thessaloniki, 54636
2310 994013
Hall III
Roof -1
Seats: 125

Outside view of the conference hall

Kedea room

The Hall III

Alexandros kanlis

Alexandros Kanlis

Information Technologies Insti
Research Associate
Andreas burg

Andreas Burg

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale d
Assistant Professor
Antonios vandoulakis

Antonios Vandoulakis

Athena vakali

Athena Vakali

Aristotle University of Thessa
Dimitris tsiokos

Dimitris Tsiokos

University of Thessaloniki
Emmanuel zervakis

Emmanuel Zervakis

European Sensor Systems (ESS)
Georgios varvarelis

Georgios Varvarelis

Agile Agriculture Technologies
Co-founder & CEO
Giannis kasdaridis

Giannis Kasdaridis

Centre for Research & Technolo
Research Associate
Goerges gielen

Goerges Gielen

KU, Leven
Minas dasygenis

Minas Dasygenis

University of Western Macedoni
Nikolaos papanikolaou

Nikolaos Papanikolaou

Democtritus University of Thra
Assistant Professor
Sotirios goudos

Sotirios Goudos

Aristotle University of Thessa
Assistant Professor

Vassilios Konstandakos

Aristotle University of Thessa
Vassilis tsoutsouras

Vassilis Tsoutsouras

Technical University of Athens
PhD Student
Title Speaker Time
Registration - 08:30 am
Opening Stylianos Siskos 09:00 am
Smart Sensors towards IoT applications Emmanuel Zervakis 09:30 am
Coffee Break - 10:30 am
Design of scalable sensor interface circuits for a smart world Goerges Gielen 11:00 am
Circuit and firmware design considerations for ultra-low power battery based IoT sensor development Alexandros Kanlis 12:00 pm
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
DC/DC converters for energy harvesting and modern electronics applications Nikolaos Papanikolaou 02:00 pm
NITOS IoT Testbed and Applications Giannis Kasdaridis 03:00 pm
Coffee Break - 04:00 pm
Photonic technologies in ICT: Challenges and opportunities for the next decade Konstantinos Vyrsokinos 04:30 pm
Sensors and social networks big data threads integration in smart cities Athena Vakali 09:00 am
Approximate Computing for Near-Sensor Processing in IoT - A new twist to an old story Andreas Burg 10:00 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Communication protocols for IoT Sotirios Goudos 11:30 am
Fog Computing: A smart link between IoT Edge nodes and the Cloud speaker: Vassilis Tsoutsouras 12:30 pm
Lunch Break - 01:30 pm
ΙoT and AgTech: technology will feed the world Georgios Varvarelis 02:30 pm
Security in IoT: A Midsummer Night's Dream or a challenging possibility? Minas Dasygenis 03:30 am
Coffee Break - 04:30 pm
IEEE CASS activities in Greece and world-wide Alkis Hatzopoulos 05:00 pm
Student Test - 05:30 pm
Introduction to LABVIEW Antonios Vandoulakis 09:30 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Introduction to LABVIEW Antonios Vandoulakis 11:30 am
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
LABVIEW Applications Vassilios Konstandakos 02:30 pm
Coffee Break - 04:00 pm
LABVIEW Applications Vassilios Konstandakos 04:30 pm
Closing Session and Award - 05:30 am

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