Bioelectronics 2017 15 - 16 of December 2017

hosted by WiSeInno

Bioelectronics 2017

Friday 15 of December 2017
Saturday 16 of December 2017

Bioelectronics 2017

Two-days workshop
Invited speakers from European Companies and Research Institutions
No Fees
Best student's "Master Thesis" contest


A two-day workshop on “Biomedical/Bioelectronics Engineering”. In this event three invited speakers from European Companies and Research institutions will make keynote presentations on the above topics. In addition, 4 to 6 presentations by Academics or Experienced Engineers coming from the Greek Industry/Academy will be held. The event will be take place in 15th and 16th of December 2017 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

This proposed IEEE CASS “Outreach initiative” activity will give students the opportunity to have a better view and experience of the existing electronic industry on Biomedical Applications, and also to have direct contact with professionals in the field.

Organising Committee

School Chair

School Chair

General Info

Stylianos Siskos
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998056
Hatzopoulos Alkiviadis
School of ECE AUTH
2310 996305
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998214


Cas IEEE CAS Society
Greekbr IEEE CASS & SSCS Greek Branch
Physics School of Physics
Rcauth Research Comittee AUTH

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Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center

Aristotle University Campus
3is Septemvriou
Thessaloniki, 54636
2310 994013
Hall III
Roof -1
Seats: 125

Outside view of the conference hall

Kedea room

The Hall III

Aggelos bletsas

Aggelos Bletsas

Technical University of Crete,
Associate Professor
Athanasia pataka

Athanasia Pataka

Aristotle University of Thessa
Assistant Professor
A. tsoukalis

A. Tsoukalis

MICREL Medical Devices S.A.
Emmanuel drakakis

Emmanuel Drakakis

Imperial College London, UK
Konstantinos misiakos

Konstantinos Misiakos

National Center for Scientific
Director of Research
Orestis kalogirou

Orestis Kalogirou

Aristotle University of Thessa
Paschalis gkoupidenis

Paschalis Gkoupidenis

Max Planck Institute for Polym
Theodore samaras

Theodore Samaras

Aristotle University of Thessa
Vassileios exadaktylos

Vassileios Exadaktylos

BioRICS nv., Technologielaan 3
Chief Operating Officer
Title Speaker Time
Registration - 09:00 am
Opening Stylianos Siskos 09:30 am
Organic neuromorphic devices for bio-inspired information processing Paschalis Gkoupidenis 10:00 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Monolithic Silicon Microphotonic Devices for Label Free Biosensing Konstantinos Misiakos 11:30 am
An introduction to wearable electrochemical biosensors Theodore Samaras 12:30 pm
Lunch Break - 01:30 pm
Innovation in practice : the MICREL case A. Tsoukalis 03:00 pm
Applications of analysis of biological signals: From theory to practice Vassileios Exadaktylos 04:00 pm
Plants as Bioelectric Wireless Sensors & Batteries with Scatter Radio and Low Cost Aggelos Bletsas 09:00 am
Traumatic Brain Injury Bioelectronics: From Trolleys to Wearable Wireless Chips for Neuro/ElectroChemical Injured Brain Tissue Monitoring Emmanuel Drakakis 10:00 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Application of electronic systems in respiratory medicine Athanasia Pataka 11:30 am
Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles Orestis Kalogirou 12:30 pm
IEEE CASS activities in Greece and world-wide Alkis Hatzopoulos 01:30 pm

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