WiSeSchool 2016 15 - 18 of December 2016

hosted by WiSeInno

WiSeSchool 2016

Thursday 15 of December 2016
Sunday 18 of December 2016

Wireless Sensors Seasonal School

Brief Schedule
Day 1 Sensors & Transducers - Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuit Design
Day 2 Design of Wireless Communication Unit & Introduction to WSN Protocols
Day 3 Energy harvesting
Day 4 Introduction on LabView


The wireless sensor network consists of sensor nodes where each node is used to monitor physical conditions and transfer data through the network. Such networks are nowadays used in many industrial and consumer applications and they are also a key part of the Internet of Things.

The WiSe School will cover basic and advanced issues on the design of wireless sensor networks as well as measurement automation software usage. The topics that will be demonstrated are Sensors and Transducers, Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuit Design, Design of Wireless Communication Unit, Introduction to WSN Protocols, Energy Harvesting and Measurements (NI LabVIEW)*.

School participants will gain fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and also a wide perspective on  the above focus areas. Meeting people, innovating in Academia and Industry, is a non-negligible benefit as well. Finally, WiSe School is offering its students the unique opportunity to get informed about fascinating career prospects.

Organising Committee

School Chair

School Chair

General Info

Stylianos Siskos
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998056
Hatzopoulos Alkiviadis
School of ECE AUTH
2310 996305
School of Physics AUTH
2310 998214


Auth Auth
Cas IEEE CAS Society
Greekbr IEEE CASS Greek Branch
Physics Physics Dept.
Rcauth Research Comittee Auth
Centaur Centaur Analytics
Metrisys Metrisys

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150 €

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Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center

Aristotle University Campus
3is Septemvriou
Thessaloniki, 54636
2310 994013
Hall III
Roof -1
Seats: 125

Outside view of the conference hall

Kedea room

The Hall III

Akis hatzopoulos

Akis Hatzopoulos

Aristotle University - Thessal
Antonios vandoulakis

Antonios Vandoulakis

Epsilon Metrisys - Athens, Gre
Technical Sales Engineer
Christos tsamis

Christos Tsamis

National Center of Scientific
Researcher A
Dimitrios koutsouras

Dimitrios Koutsouras

Bioelectronics Lab - Gardanne,
PhD Student
Eftichios koutroulis

Eftichios Koutroulis

Technical Uniersity of Crete -
Assiciate Professor
Grigorios kalyvas

Grigorios Kalyvas

University of Patra, Greece
Konstantinos siozios

Konstantinos Siozios

Aristotle University - Thessal
Assistant Professor
Manuel puig

Manuel Puig

University of Barcelona - Spai
Professor Titular
Octavian postolache

Octavian Postolache

University of Lisbon - Portuga
Periklis chatzimisios

Periklis Chatzimisios

Technological Educational Inst
Associate Professor
Sotiris bantas

Sotiris Bantas

Centor Analytics AgTech - Volo
Sotiris goudos

Sotiris Goudos

Aristotle University - Thessal
Assistant Professor
Stylianos siskos

Stylianos Siskos

Aristotle University - Thessal

Vasilis Konstantakos

Aristotle University - Thessal
PhD - Physics
Title Speaker Time
Registrations - 08:30 am
Welcome & Overview Siskos S. 09:00 am
Sensors and Applications Octavian Postolache 09:30 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Biosensors Based on Organic Materials Dimitrios Koutsouras 11:30 am
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
Signal Conditioning Manuel Puig 02:30 pm
Coffee Break - 04:00 pm
Radiation Sensors and Current Mode Signal Conditioning Circuits Stylianos Siskos 04:00 pm
Transceivers for IoT Applications Sotiris Bantas 09:30 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Basic Blocks of Transceivers for WSN Grigorios Kalyvas 11:30 am
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
Introduction to WSNs and IoT, Applications, Standards and Security Issues Periklis Chatzimisios 02:30 pm
Coffee Break - 04:00 pm
Sensor Web and Operating Systems for WSN Sotiris Goudos 04:30 pm
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Microsystems Christos Tsamis 09:30 am
Coffee Break - 11:00 am
Power Management of Energy Harvesting Units Eftichios Koutroulis 11:30 am
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
WSN Applications - IoT Konstantinos Siozios 02:30 pm
Coffee Break - 04:00 pm
IEEE Greece CAS/SSC Chapter Presentation Alkis Hatzopoulos 04:30 pm
Test - 06:00 pm
Laboratory work, Practical seminar on the data collection using NI LabVIEW Antonios Vandoulakis 09:00 am
Lunch Break - 01:00 pm
LabVIEW Measurement System Vasilis Konstantakos 02:30 pm

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